To point and click our way through a SharePoint installation is relatively easy, but what about all the other ‘stuff’ that we might not have considered? On Wednesday 19th February 2014 I presented a webinar for Metavis (click here) on the matter of building SharePoint Enterprise Platforms. Essentially I assembled and replayed a collection of my thoughts from the beaten path on this matter. I tried to address some of the common challenges that can take some enterprises by surprise, factors that should have been planned for, and some common failure points. I believe that the content is relevant to new and existing deployments, so please feel free to use my deck as a sanity checklist against what you’re doing today.

This session was also presented at the SharePoint User Group UK (SUGUK) Southampton meeting on Tuesday 11th March, and it was well received with a healthy amount of discussion, which is something I’d like to see repeated again when I present this session at the SharePoint User Group UK (SUGUK) Cambridge meeting (sign up here) on Tuesday 25th March 2014. See below for the slide deck or view it full size by clicking here.