Two fully grown men in Lederhosen, ‘The Lonely Goatherd’, cans of soup, and drinking beer on stage? It’s got to be SharePoint Saturday UK 2013 (#SPSUK)! If you were lucky enough to attend Andrew Woodward (@AndrewWoody) and my presentation on ‘Collaboration 101’ (see Paul Hunt’s review of the day and our session here), then I think you’ll agree that we had a lot of fun! Slides from the presentation are now available on SlideShare (go here for a full list of all the published SPSUK 2013 slides).

Thanks to Paul Hunt (@cimares) for tweeting a shocking photo of us in the Lederhosen (the result of a lot of beer and a pub bet with a client)………this soon got picked up by Dux Raymond Sy (@meetdux) and retweeted to 20,000 SharePointers (OMG!).

………………….and if you didn’t know what ‘The Lonely Goatherd’ is, see the below and enjoy!

The Lonely Goatherd – The Sound Of Music, Sung by Julie Andrews as Wonderful Original Maria from Isaac Sarayiah on Vimeo.